July 28, 2008


In a completely unscientific method of using the numbers from my phone number, Mrs Govier, Julie and Kathyo have won themselves a pair of Sparrow & Tui earrings. Please email me your addresses to kimberleyrothwell@yahoo.co.uk, and they will wing their way to you.
Beth Up North also wins a pair to be included in Rich's next missive, just because.
Thanks all for commenting - was a blast to see what's rocking your world right now.
Today, these things are rocking mine:
1. A good friend has found a woman she likes more than haloumi. It's very cute.
2. It's not stormy today, so we may venture out for a walk.
3. Harper has slept through the night for nine nights in a row and wakes at almost exactly the same time each morning. I can't believe how different I feel already.
4. I'm reading John Dos Passos' Manhattan Transfer, a book that I have owned since I was 22 but never read. It's really great.
5. A vase full of early cheer daffodils sitting in my lounge.


the bram said...

oh I'm so happy that my smitten-ness is rocking your day!

Sister of The Bram said...

And I'm so happy that my sister's smitten-ness is rocking all of our days!

kimberlee said...

congrats to the winners

I like your list :)