October 14, 2008

Christmas wishes

Every year I think of things I would like for Christmas, but as soon as Christmas rolls around I forget what they are and my family are flumoxed as to what to buy me. So this year, I have devised a plan - keep a list (I LOVE lists) of desired items and post it here so all can see. I expect to be inundated with whisks.

What I would like for Christmas this year:
A whisk with a good handle for making gravies, sauces and whisking things.
One of these books by Keri Smith.
A good book on organic vegetable gardening in New Zealand.
These bike pants.
A bottle of Trilogy body oil with rosehip and other good things in it.

To be continued ...

1 comment:

Beth up North said...

I love this idea. If any of my family actually followed my blog I might try it :-) Absolutely have loved the photos of Harper and your Never say Never post was excellent. I have done several of the nevers, hopefully you can avoid all the awful ones. Rock on girl.