October 11, 2008

Never say never

I'm thinking back to about eighteen months ago when I signed a little bet with my pal Monique stating that if I had a kid before I was 40 I would pay her $100. A few weeks later I was staring at a plastic stick with a cross on it, uttering almost like a mantra "oh my God". Having a child was something I was curious about but never really thought would happen to me.

And after reading Nomadic Emma's post on things she's never done, I thought I'd copy her and write things I have never done. Perhaps one day these things will happen too.

I have never tightrope walked, jumped out of a plane or eaten haggis. I have never been to Congo, Japan or Norway. I have never walked on a frozen lake, been lost at sea or suffered a bullet wound. I have never had a book published, played with a band, or written a song. I have never been on the 6pm news. I have never had to identify a body. I have never had a mortgage. I have never won a Qantas Award. I have never seen the sunrise on a tropical beach. I have never been taken hostage or been on a hijacked plane. I have never been to the top of the Empire State Building. I have never run over an animal. I have never had surgery or a life-threatening condition. I have never heard my son say my name. I have never taken magic mushrooms or LSD. I have never read the entire bible, a D H Lawrence novel, or anything by Ian McEwan that I thought wasn't an utter waste of time. I have never seen Deliverance. I have never owned a little black dress. I have never been married. I have never been engaged. I have never cried at a wedding. I have never had a pair of high heels that didn't give me blisters.


Melissa said...

great post!
so many of these things you mention i have neither done either.
but seriously, you haven't read any Ian McEwan that you liked? He's one of my favourite authors. :)

how crazy to think that 18 months ago you had no idea how your life would change so dramatically...?!

Kimberley said...

I've read three IMc novels wondering what the fuss is about - enduring love, atonement and amsterdam - but just don't get it. it's like rice crackers. they're ok, but if I had a choice I wouldn't eat them.

Nomadic Emma said...

There are a fair few on my list I'm liking the idea of ticking off in the near future; though some can remain untouched. I had to explain to people that it wasn't a 'to do' list. Merely a 'not done' list.

Must remember not to make the baby bet with anyone though. Don't want to tempt fate. I know how easily tempted she is.