February 24, 2009


I seem to have lost my blogging mojo of late, I think all my writing energy is sucked out of me at work, and the rest of my energy is put into Harper, food preparation and other chores. I barely have the zizz to stare at the wall at the end of the day. The other morning I woke up thinking I was treading water, but really that feeling couldn't be further from the truth; I have an incredibly awesome son who changes and learns something new each day, a pretty top partner who I love very much, and every morning I get to go to my dream job.
So I have set myself a challenge - to not let the sameness of every day drag me down with it. To see each day as a new adventure. Let's see how long it lasts.

My new favourite thing: My colleague Tom's singing.
What I learned this week: That I am a baby-boomer; in NZ, the baby boom lasted from 1943 to 1973.
Bouquet to: My mum, who has gone 50 days without a cigarette.
News story of the week: The Oscars - I am desperate to see Slumdog Millionaire.
In other news: The box arrived - a specially-made-for-Harper toybox, built by his grandad D with a special arm that holds the lid up so H's fingers don't get squished.

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styler said...

but genX as well yes?
becuase we had a book written about us