February 22, 2009

Boy turns one, has two birthday parties

It's my cake.
No, it's my cake.
Give me the knife.
NO, it's my cake.
That's the best joke told by a hand puppet I've heard all day ...

WELLINGTON -- A one-year-old boy and a 40-something-year-old woman have been involved in a knife fight. The stoush was said to have broken out over ownership of a birthday cake a few weekends ago.
The incident took place at the child's second of two first birthday parties.
Harper R. Graham, 1, from Wellington, New Zealand, had two birthday celebrations both involving cake and presents.
The first celebration, which took place on February 5 - the birthday Graham shares with his aunty Ange - took place at Olive Cafe in Cuba Street, where his maternal grandparents Vanya and Derek, mother Kimberley, father Richard, aunty Ange and cousin Sweeney ate a nice lunch under an olive tree.
Onlookers said the party looked convivial, though some were disturbed by the child's repeatedly throwing his new presents onto the ground from his high chair and his raucous laughter at a hand puppet had some specualting the child was high on follow-on formula.
Sources said revellers ate a chocolate cake later in the evening which was decorated with a number 1 and cut by the boy's aunt Ange.
The second party, where the incident with the knife is alleged to have taken place, took place in Southgate a week later, where party-goers Neil, Becc, Natalie, Kathy, Patrick and Chris joined the family and plied the boy with presents including a second copy of Dear Zoo.
Both birthday-people wanted to cut the cake.
Sources said the child's mother downed sip after sip of champagne.
Police are investigating.