August 05, 2009

Plots and thank yous

Blog posts been a bit thin on the ground recently, partly because we are just getting back into our boring old rhythym at home after weeks of feeling like we're on the edge of a cliff, and because I am up to my eyeballs in plans and plots.
If everything goes to plan *fingers crossed* I should be seeing out the end of the year having bought a house, been to Nepal, editted a seasonal section of the paper, and written a substantial work that will look magnifique on my CV. It will be crazy, with no time for swanning about of an evening with my knitting, but it will tick off a whole lot of things that I want to do before moving on to the next phase of my life. Which should involve a lot of knitting.
Man, do I sound mysterieuse. And no, none of these plans involves having another baby.

While I'm here I have a couple of thank yous to my fellow bloggers to shout out.
I just bought an awesome pair of Twenty Cent Mixture's baby shoes. They are really very good. Louise and I did a swap last year in which she gave me a pair of shoes for H and I gave her a necklace. She had made the shoes just for H, but we lost one of them on a trip to Lyall Bay, and no amount of beach combing could bring it back. So I bought another pair for a friend's baby in the UK and they are beautiful.
And not so long ago, a parcel arrived for me here at Dompost HQ from the UK. It was a huge pile of Observer and Guardian magazines that I had let slip I miss reading of a sunny day. The culprit was cunning little miss Sas, who had stockpiled a load for me. She's a lass I haven't actually met in real life, and her amazing act of kindness is all the more appreciated for it.
The bloggy gods have been good to me.

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