July 31, 2009

Five good things

1. Being presented with a chocolate fish this morning by a rep from Snapper because it's Snapper's birthday and I had just used my card to get to work.
2. Harper sleeping last night for the first time in forever, and getting up at 7.30am with a sweet little 'darh' and a cuddle, not traumatised at all.
3. Friday, Friday, Friday.
4. Ticking off things from lists that have been really stressing me out, like getting a grant done for creche, getting a good night's sleep and getting some deadlines met.
5. Only two and a bit weeks till we go up north to Whangarei and possibly spend a coupla nights up there sans baby.

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Mel Archer said...

Hi Kimberley - glad H finally made it through a night - our wee man is 10 months old and we haven't had a solid nights sleep since he was about 5 months old. Have you got any tips/advice re helping them get thru the night without waking? I think in our case, he started waking again for feeds as his energy needs increased (and I didn't start him with any solids until 6ish months). By that time he was in the habit of waking up. We have managed to get down to one feed overnight and 3 over the day (from 6 feeds over 24 hours a month ago) but he still wakes a lot, esp from 4am onwards. My husband gets up to settle him (teething also happening at present) which he is successful with quite quickly most of the time, however, its that waking up so often which is getting to me... any thoughts? - Mel