April 12, 2011

Let there be light, and landscaping

When we bought our house, platoons of agapanthus had dug into their positions, taken over vast tracts of our section and completely covered a path along the side of the house. Trees were also blocking light from the house and the backyard was somewhat soggy and shady.
So we (and a working party of long-suffering family and friends) got rid of them. Nine trailer loads of agapanthus, enough branches and prunings to keep an industrial-sized mulcher going for an afternoon, a broken clothesline and many hours of weeding regrowth later, it's now time to build actual, permanent garden beds for our attempt to grow our own food. I've had a couple of temporary plots with zuchini, lettuce, leeks and peas going, but this is, like, actual landscaping, yo.

The soil under this former bed of agapanthus has been dug over for weeds, gypsumed, zoo-dooed, homemade composted and cultivated to bits. And it gets great sun - now that all the foliage has gone from the north side, light can get through. A victory.

* Only the clothesline was hurt in the making of this post.

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Beth Up North said...

Northern sun? No, that is where it is the most shady and cold. Oh wait, that's my backward thinking from the goofy northern hemisphere. Your back yard looks excellent. Have you ever given "square foot" gardening a look? I put it in last year and LOVE it. Have fun with the gardens, kudos for putting in such good work in the fall. Can you grow all winter???? All the best- Beth