April 11, 2011

A recipe

Take one room. Strip wallpaper. Sand until smooth.
Add lick of paint,

and a few personal touches. A toy box and baby shawl made by Grandad D will do nicely.
Decorate with pictures of your favourite people,
and a snuggly bed to curl up in.
Season with something white and fluffy.
Voila, one small boy's room.


the bram said...

ohhhh - love the new masthead ... and the boy's room of course! That's similar to the colour we're going to do our dining room/

che tibby said...


bit envious here, we're still just plugging away at the amateur landscaping.

Mum-Nana said...

Why the new masthead ? Looks like a heart attack on a plate. Not your sort of thing at all, I would have thought. Love H's room, though. Brilliant. Mum XO XO XO