September 04, 2007


I'm loving that the weeks are flying by, as it means we get ever closer to meeting Tiny, and closer to the warmer weather. My mum rang this morning mistakenly thinking that today was The Big Day when we have the 20 week scan and Tiny reveals what's hiding between its legs (and we can stop calling it 'it'), but it's another unbearably exciting six days till then. Tiny has moved from wee flutters to trampolining in my belly, a little treat it puts on for me at night before I go to sleep.

So it's Tuesday and that's list day. So here it is:
  • finish updating clippings book with clippings still on my shelf at work - I did half on Sunday while watching The Sopranos. It was an awesome example of multi-tasking.
  • bake something.
  • go to podiatrist to fix my mangled post-100km walk toenails. You don't wanna know.
  • have 20 week scan.
  • do more work on Bram's diary and Sweeney's Christmas present.
  • do yoga - a perennial list item.
  • take stuff to the Sallys.
  • pack china and snowglobes ready for moving.

I'm loathe to take on anything more at the moment until we get settled in our new house. And then it will be full on poster-making, tiny hanger-buying, second hand furniture scouting, nest-o-rama. I find getting little projects like that done enormously satisfying.

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Kimberlee + Lies said...

the scan the scan! whoot, can't wait :)

nesting is fun, I love organizing and secretly love the sorting and packing part of moving.