April 24, 2008


As Harper approaches another milestone - the 12 week mark - he's getting bigger and sleeping longer at night and has become the wriggliest baby in Wellington. We've moved him from his wee bassinet into his cot, he's taking a bottle of expressed milk without melting down like Chernobyl, and yesterday he made a grab for his feet. He has been more and more interested in the world around him, the mobile that hangs over his cot, his wrist and foot rattles, and he seemed to totally love going in the stroller to Newtown yesterday, even chatting to the man in the post office queue in front of us. He was graced with a visit from his Graham grandparents last week who let his parents out for an evening (they went to the pictures and saw Lars and the Real Girl which is excellent and had his mother all choked up at the end). He could be spotted in the company of his grandad Ces (above) in the stroller doing the rounds of the neighbourhood even though the weather was a bit pus.
Today, Harper's mother achieves her own milestone - she's writing her first freelance article since Harper's birth. And even though she can't remember her own name somedays and has once called Harper Sweeney, she's doing alright at it and is today interviewing chef Richard Till.


Martha Craig said...

Oh oh oh, can you flick me his address? I have a shirt I want to give him. And if you're actually seeing him in the flesh, measurements would be awesome ;-)

patrick said...

just saw Lars and the Real Girl, great movie

kimberlee said...

oh what a little stunner.well done on all the developments!

lars and the real girl had me laughing so loud I was embarrassing my date! but that is what husbands are for