April 15, 2008

Tiny Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Tiny Happy. You're the first blog I really got attached to, that I read most days, that inspires me even though I don't sew (yet) and the contents of the neatly packaged brown paper parcels coming through the mail over the last 18 months have been awesome, much treasured gifts. First there was the coin purse (see below), then the ipod cover, then the tunic (which I can at last fit again!), then the smocks, then the apple-appliqued bodysuit and bibs, then the little brown owl suit and the patchwork shoes. You're a genius with vintage fabrics, and your clothes for kids are beautiful. Harper and I have been very lucky indeed to make your acquaintance, and hope to see you in the real world again...


Melissa said...

but thank YOU!

i like having someone like you to send things to.

hi harper! xxx

Felicia said...

One of my favorite blogs too :)