June 22, 2008

Enough about me

In the absence of the energy to blog about something meaningful, I'm going to do a Meme and you're going to love it. This one comes from Ms Harland:

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was a freelance clapper loader and production person in the film industry. I had a chilly bin full of camera stuff, knew quite a bit about filters and t-stops and lens lengths. I was also quite good at going "slate 43, take 1" and banging my clapperboard in an authoratative manner.

Five snacks I enjoy in a perfect, non weight-gaining world:
Blue cheese, smoked salmon, pate, black jelly beans, deep fried cheese Eastern European style. I justify eating some of these things with the fact I am breastfeeding and weigh less at the moment than I have since my early 20s. But I'm also on a dairy free diet and I fantasise daily about lowering a piece of kikorangi into my mouth slo-mo styles.

Five snacks I enjoy in the real world:
Sesameal crackers, toast, bananas. I can't carry on this list, it's too depressing.

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:
For my parents and sister I would buy really nice houses wherever they wanted them, with housekeepers, lifetime opera and orchestra tickets for mum, infinite return flights to the UK and Europe for Dad, and a craft studio for Ange.
I would buy myself a really nice house with a housekeeper, with a room for crafts, enough paddock for a big vege garden to grow everything we could think of, lots of runaround space for the kid, and a studio for the Postie.
The rest of it I would invest in some worthy cause or something, learn to fly a plane and have an apartment in Manhattan.

Five jobs that I have had:
Clapper Loader, check out chick, instore make up demonstrator, grape picker, location scout.

Three of my habits:
I kicked nailbiting in 2004, but I still have phases where I catch myself with half my hand down my neck.
Hovering around Harper's door - I can't help it, when he's asleep I still hear phantom crying so am forever checking if he's ok.
Leaving half drunk cups of tea around the house. I seem to never finish the whole thing ..

Five places I have lived:
Tokoroa - oh the space of Arthur Street's backyard. I often dream about what I would do with that 1/4 acre section. It was like the vast Siberian steppe when I was a kid.
Kensal Rise, London - five months in a flat with huge subsidence cracks in the wall, flatting with people whose names I can't even remember except Siobhan who liked to play Jennifer Lopez over and over again at high volume every night for hours while she drank alone in her room. All her brothers were cross-eyed. I kid you not.
Wellington - shining jewel in the South Pacific, except in winter when it is hell windy and grey and spent huddled over a heater with gloves on.
Hamilton - yes, but it was for a job. So don't judge me on it. I remember my time in the Tron fondly indeed.
Christchurch - I wish I could have wrapped this list up with Paris or Nairobi or something, but no, just Chch.

Five people I want to get to know better:
I'm really rather eager to find out more about my wee boy - all I know about him right now is how to make him laugh, how to make him cry, how to make him stop crying, what colour his poo is, when he's tired, when he's hungry (and sometimes those are all a mystery) and what he looks like first thing in the morning. But how he takes his tea? Which Simpsons episode is his favourite? No idea.


Beth up North said...

Hmmm, I like this one. May have to pass it on to my own readers one of these days. I hope the winter is not too windy at the mo. The good news being you are past the solstice and the first part is always the hardest, right?

Melissa said...

great blog post. i feel the same way about my kids, what will they be like when they're old enough to choose their own clothes, buy their own cds, etc? i can't wait to find out.

hope you're keeping warm my dear!