September 10, 2008

Rip torn, and some sitting

I am in desperate need of new jeans. These were bought at Top Shop in 2001 and are looking a tad shabby now. Both knees are gone and the bum is about to go too. My other pair of jeans have also been worn to death and no longer fit my post-baby body (which is smaller than my pre-baby body, I'm chuffed to say). That just leaves sweatpants and I'm not ready to surrender to those yet. Get me to a Savemart stat!
In other news, the kid is almost sitting up by himself. He is now an ambi-roller, and though it makes him grumpy, can get about on the floor by shuffling on his tummy. I am kind of dreading when he starts crawling - I can just imagine the chaos when he discovers the bookshelf, the CDs, the piles of the Postie's art supplies. Fun.

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Sarah said...

I'm with you on the jeans! I bought a pair of Levis only three month's ago and one knee is already worn through! That will teach me not to spend a fortune on jeans! With two little girls I spend most of my time on my knees and in the summer need to invest in some knee pads to prevent over-dry, yucky looking knees! :)

Well done on losing the baby weight - I was lucky too - and lost weight after both my girls sinking lower than my pre-pregnant weight. But my youngest is two and a half now and I'm back to my pre-pregnant weight of before my first child - and gaining (all the beers and close to hitting mid-thirties!).

Best wishes and good luck on the new jean shopping! Sarah x