July 28, 2009

Five Blogs I'm Loving Right Now ...

Nice work: I've become a fan of Operation Nice, a website that inspires people to be nicer to one another in simple ways, like taking the time to learn the name of your barista, supermarket clerk etc, and ideas for undertaking random acts of niceness. You can print out ready-designed cards that facilitate niceness.
Lie to Me: Here's Megan's undertaking not to lie for a month. I'm loving how she handles saying what she really thinks.
Not one for the nursery: My First Dictionary isn't your ordinary list of boring words.
Oh Sister, Where Art Thou: If you haven't seen Sweeney's Mama, I recommend it. She can write good about the deep stuff, and the not-deep stuff. And I'm not just saying that because we're related.
Save it, mister: Che and Stephen do the math and work out how to save money on everything from food to hand sanitiser.